Gabriele is the Facilitator for the Hack Oregon Housing Team and the Academic Director of Hack University.

Housing Team Meeting

Led By: Gabriele Hayden

Wednesday February 15th

Meet from 6-9 pm

Missed last week's meeting? Here's a brief run down of what happened! For more detailed notes and happenings check out your project team folder and GitHub for wiki updates.

The API is being refined, and Eric is the point person for this - check out the updates on our GitHub and reach out to him if you interested in working on this.

We made changes to map design MVP and working on adding some accompanying text that helps the narrative, like defining what cost burden is. We also created new wireframes!

Esme and Eric are moving forward with the backend workflow and looking beyond the MVP. While our front-end team is still waiting on the docker and aiming for a prototype map.

Tonight's Meeting:

We have a guest speaker coming in from EcoNW, Margaret Raimann, to discuss the maps they created for the Portland Housing Center in order to help us refine our own data visualizations around housing affordaiblity in Portland.

This workshop is: Open to Housing Team Only