Hannah Kane is the Facilatator for the Hack Oregon Emergency Response Team.

Emergency Response Team Meeting

Led By: Hannah Kane

Wednesday February 22nd

Meet from 6-9 pm

Missed last week's meeting? Here's a brief run down of what happened! For more detailed notes and happenings check out your project team folder.

Updates in the Database:

  • We uploaded a new fire department dataset from 2010-2016 to AWS

  • Created tables integrating census blocks with fire blocks 

  • Key constraints almost fully implemented

We also created a data dictionary, everyone should check it out in our team GitHunb - its awesome.

Front-end is currently waiting for the meta-work to unblock us.

After a round of discussing what's been done since the previous meeting, we went through existing tickets to update/edit/close them as needed. We agreed up a couple of shared conventions: "blocked" and on hold" labels describe issues that shouldn't be picked up just yet. People should feel free to self-assign tickets that don't have either of those labels - more than one person can be assigned to a ticket.

Chris made updates to the wiki, to follow them check it out in our GitHub.

What we will be working on tonight, and who should come:

  • You want to contribute to the wireframes for the dashboard

  • You want to help think about product decisions. In advance of the meeting you may want to persue the "Questions the Dashboard Can Help Answer" section of the wiki, as well as the Product Statements page. 

  • You want to help compute some metrics (like this or this or this or this)

  • And maybe even compute metrics using census (or this or this) and zoning data

  • You've got some great fire/ER-related puns to share

This workshop is: Open to Emergency Response Only