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Week of Jan 23rd


Monday Jan 23rd

Data Synth Song

Front End Open Build*

Budget Team Meeting*

Tuesday Jan 24th

Github Tutorial

Plugging into the Database

Platform Design*

Transportation Team Meeting*

Wednesday 25th

Housing Team Meeting*

Emergency Response Team* Meeting

Thursday 26th

Homelessness Team Meeting*

Infographic Design*


Call to Action

Together we're making public information, public knowledge. 

Let's be honest, building data-driven software is an advanced activity.  

And if bringing "data to life" to understand complex civic issues seems like an formidible extra-curricular hobby, you're right.  It's hard. But it's also important.

There's a reason this stuff hasn't been made yet. If we're going to build the future we want to see, we need a community of people with advanced skills to step up to the plate and wrestle with some tough challenges.  The good news is, the skills and experience you need to work with these challenges are teachable.  If you've got the drive to get involved,  we can help you build the competency you need to make an impact.  (P.S. about 50% of the work happens without ever writing a line of code.)

Workshops run the spectrum from all-star advanced to total beginner.   Our build sessions will include every aspect of Hack Oregon's process and stack across design, journalism, web development, and of course data-everything. (data science, data visualization, data wrangling, databases...)   Speaker sessions will be intimate and experimental, and include some of our strongest local allies from government, tech, design, and community leadership.


New Sessions are added every day. 

As we sprint toward Demo Day, it's like a 3-month long magical hackathon. 

Because we're in a sprint, we don't exactly know the details of what we'll need week to week.  Some sessions are reoccurring (those are the broad strokes) and some sessions will arise as we find the need and inspiration throughout the course rapid iteration.  Every session we host is a reflection of the evolving priorities of the project cycle and the interests of the group at a given point in time, with the idea that is all leads us closer to our product launch.  Any Civic Lab participant or Hack Oregon team member can suggest a session to be led by themselves, or nominate someone.  If you're curious to learn more about our methodology and what drives us, check out Hack Oregon.

What Kind of Session Is This? 

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