Sanjuro is the Facilitator for the Hack Oregon Transportation Team and enjoys telling stories with data. 

Transportation Team Meeting

Led By: Sanjuro Jogdeo

Tuesday February 7th

Meet from 6-9 pm

Missed last week's meeting? Here's a brief run down of what happened! For more detailed notes and happenings check out your project team folder.

We divided ourselves between the two technical Civic Lab sessions going on, Building GIS Workflows and Architecture and API Documentation and Structure, with most opting for the GIS class. This gave us time to get everyone up to speed about what has been going on in team. If you would like to get caught up on the project, you'll find newly revised documentation in the GitHub transportation-backend readme and wiki.

Tonight's Meeting:

We are have started displaying the team's weekly goals on the wiki. We'd love to get a very simple demo up and running, so if you've got some time, hop on in!

This session is: Open to Transportation Team Only