Jeanette is the tech lead for Hack Oregon's Budget Team and last season helped to create data models for Oregon Hunger Equation.

Hugh is a tech lead for Hack Oregon Budget team and Big Data Platform Engineering Manager. 

Budget Team Meeting

Led By: Jeanette Hardiman and Hugh Glanville

Monday January 30th

Meet from 6-9 pm

Hack Oregon project teams are built by hand selecting each volunteer and student and placing them within their area of domain expertise across tech, design and leadership. Our team is a mix of professional experts, students in training, and government partners working together to build digital solutions for some of the toughest information problems facing Portland.

Why is this session important?

The specifics of action items that we will be working on will be updated week to week. Not all team members are required to attend every meeting, as some will be more general for team-wide while others will be directed towards goals and workflow of each sub-group.

This session will focus on understanding the data, making potentially making critical decisions on data model and structure as we begin to prepare for the visualization process. 

This workshop is: Open to Budget Team Only